Paragliding: Take-Off Sites

Raspadalica on the north of the Istrian peninsula is becoming increasingly popular among the admirers of alternative tourism, who often survey the road from Buzet which steeply climbs up toward Slum. Their goal may be seen at the end of the four kilometre long ancillary gravel road, on the cliff above the Railway Station Buzet. Adventure, free climbing and mountain-bike enthusiasts all come to the attractive lookout on Ćićarija, located at about 550 metres altitude, but a majority of visitors are fliers for whom Raspadalica is an ideal take-off site.

How to get there:
From the direction of Rijeka: take the road through Roč and Nugla and then the macadam road to the take-off site;
From the direction of Buzet: take the road in the direction of the railway station in Buzet until the village Slum and to the end of the road, then take the macadam road for about 2 km to the cliff and the take-off site;

Take-off altitude: 545 m, wind direction S-SW
Altitude difference to the landing site: approx. 400 m
The take-off site is suitable for take-off of gliders and kites
The landing site is a grass field situated along the road Buzet - Slum,
approximately 3 km from the centre of Buzet
Most of the flights are in the direction of Učka, Lanišće, Hum and Pazin

The take-off site on Raspadalica is closed for individual flights.
A symbolic daily take-off fee is charged.


Zavoj Curve
How to get there:
Take the asphalt road from Buzet toward Brest to the top of the plateau, where Ćićarija begins. At the sharp right curve there is a parking lot for personal vehicles. The take-off site is located about 50 m west and its direction is W-SW.

The take-off site is suitable for cross-country flights and spot landing competitions
Take-off altitude: 510 m
Altitude difference: 250 m

Take-off fee:
10 kuna per day

The take-off site is unsuitable for south-directed winds because of wind curls!


Veli Mlun
How to get there:
From the direction of Buzet: take the road Buzet - Istarske toplice and after 2 km turn right to Veli Mlun. The take-off site is located directly by the road.

Take-off altitude: 180 m
Altitude difference: 140 m
Suitable for training flights

How to get there:
Take the road Buzet - Brest and then in the direction of the village Dane. At the summit, turn left on the macadam road and once again by the antenna. Continue driving for about one kilometre and park your vehicle by the abandoned entry to the underground reservoir. You must continue further on foot uphill, 500 m westward i.e. toward the peak Žbevnice following the mountain trail.

Take-off is possible toward the village Dane in N and NE direction
Take-off altitude: 900 m
Landing site: at 500 m altitude by the village Dane
The take-off and landing site are unmarked

Flying is not recommended without organised transport.

How to get there:
From the direction of Rijeka, you come through the tunnel Učka and turn right at the gas station. At the village Mala Učka continue straight i.e. right. Take the asphalt road through the village and, after the first larger ascent, a macadam road begins. Continue driving forward following the signposts.
After the start the road leads to the east main road to Pula, and before the take-off site a macadam fire trail leads to the bottom of Brgud into the village Šušnjevica.
The take-off site is in the Nature Park Učka.


How to get there:
Take the road Buzet - Vrh, and after the village Kozari (and before the village Bregi) turn right and pass through the village on the settled macadam road. By the road widening there is a parking lot for vehicles and you will reach the start after about a hundred metres.

Take-off altitude: 320 m
Landing altitude: 50 m
The landing site is marked with a wind vane

Take-off fee:
10 kuna per person, per day