Drawn by the magical beauty of the interior of the Istrian peninsula, passionate fliers enjoy the charms of unspoiled nature. The paragliding season lasts all year round – all that is required are favourable weather conditions, meaning the right wind direction, predominantly sunny weather free of turbulences or the bora wind.

An experienced flier may remain in the air for more than four hours. But the charms of this adrenaline-raising sport are hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t tried it. Because, as the fliers say, it is enough to soar into the heavenly skies only once and become addicted to paragliding for the rest of your life.

Due to excellent weather conditions, hardly a single day passes without someone paragliding in Istria.

Basic terrain characteristics:
- 10 take-off sites in Northern Istria
- maintained take-off and landing sites for all wind directions
- easy vehicle access
- 30-45 min. drive from Pula, Poreč or Rovinj-Rovigno
- terrain suitable for cross-country flights over 100 km
- thermally very active terrain between March and October with thermals over 10 m/s

Recommendations to pilots:
- registration with local pilots is mandatory for the purpose of receiving essential safe flying instructions
- the company of a local guide is mandatory for organised groups arriving for a fly safari:
» the guide coordinates the flights with the Air Traffic Control at Pula-Pola Airport
» in a case of accident, he reports the accident and initiates a rescue mission
- for beginners, flying is permitted only in the company of an instructor

Important notes:
- a pilot’s license and complete equipment are mandatory for all flights
- use only official approvals for landing in order to avoid potential problems with the local population

Additional note:
- after flying, we recommend you take a break in nearby agrotourism accommodations offering a wide range of domestic specialties

Tandem Flying

Paragliding: Take-Off Sites