Hiking trail: St. Tomo’s Ring

Length: 5.7 kilometers
Trail: Moderately difficult, at some parts there are higher ascents
Duration: 2.5 hours

You will start your walking adventure at Ring of St. Thomas Trail in Vižinada. Experience the tranquility of a typical rural area, sightseeing of the local St. Jeromila Church, St. Barnaba Church frescos, Venetian Tariff Plaque and the Baroque water reservoir, where the world famous ballerina, Karlotta Grisi, has played as a child.

Walking in a circle along this ring-formed trail, following the signs, you now enter the woods. You will certainly be intrigued by the amazing colors of the Istrian flora.
At the end of your ride (4.7 kilometers), you will want to climb St. Tomo, 'hill of quality air' (299 meters), from which in all directions you will see beautiful horizons of, hills, hamlets and little churches, the Mirna River Valley and towards the west, the wonderful blue sea.

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