Sun and sea

Top 5 Istrian Sunsets

Discover the most romantic sunsets on the heart-shaped peninsula. Enjoying the fiery sunset together will inspire you for a passion-filled night.

Romance is a way of life in Istria, and the moment when day meets night is important to all Istrians who are in love.  
Visit one of the places we have chosen for you with your loved one and together enjoy the colorful show that the sun puts on before it sets behind the horizon.

lungomare porec zalazakOprtalj  
One of the most picturesque town of northern Istria seems as if reaches for the sky - its church bell tower rises high up, as well as tall cypresses below the town.

Look up at the sky and watch the color play above Istria in each other’s embrace. When the night falls, head to some of the nearby taverns and let the flavors of truffles ignite your passion.

Lungomare Poreč  
As the sun slowly sets into the sea, take a stroll along the promenade connecting Poreč and Funtana. Let the sea air clear your mind and inspire you for a night of pleasure.  
Learn more about Istrian promenades by the sea in our article.

Sunsets in Rovinj are a special treat for those looking for a touch of romance. Whether the sky is painted in gold, red, orange, and pink or the sun is partly covered by clouds, it is going to be a sight you will never forget.
In the evening, it is also possible to go on an organized boat tour taking you from the seafront in the town center to one of the islands so that can you marvel at a stunning sunset.

rovinjSveta stijena Veruda, Pula  
On the Verudela peninsula near Pula there is one of the most romantic Istrian belvederes. There you can find the wall of a tiny church destroyed by a storm. The wall has been restored for the purposes of a movie shoot and now provides a background for superb romantic selfies as day turns to dusk.
Experience a sunset at Sveta stijena and take an unforgettable photo!

A small town of cramped houses, known for premium wines, offers a sunset in the green heart of Istria. Watch as the green nature slowly descends into dark, while the sky ignites with the bright colours of the sunset.