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Tourist tax for boaters

Online payment of tourist tax for vessel owners or users

The tourist tax is a part of the fees and payment obligations for boaters which used to be paid in harbour authorities and branch offices. Since 2021 tourist tax is only payable through the online portal.

The tourist tax may be paid:
per vessel length (vignette)
or per number of persons staying on the vessel (i.e. tourist tax per night).

When signing in on the portal, a link will be sent to the entered email address, which can then be used to log in to the portal in the future. Fill out all the information and pay by card. The portal accepts payments by all the most popular credit card brands and after the successfull transaction, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail address, and it should be kept during the entire stay on the vessel.

Information and prices in pdf format:
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Other obligations and payments for boaters
The owner or user of a foreign vessel must register their stay or navigation to the nearest harbour authority or harbour authority branch office to regulate their required safety of navigation and pollution protection fee during their period of stay or navigation in Croatian territorial waters:


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