Sun and sea

Welcome The New Day In The Arms Of a Loved One

Heart-shaped Istria is an empire of romance. Visit places with the most beautiful sunrises and wake up deeply hidden feelings.

Awakening in Istria announces a day free of stress. Lazy fog wraps around the hills, and the sea breeze raises tiny waves. The dark sky slowly disappears in the wake of the colours of the morning.
After a sleepless night of passion, welcome a new day in an unusual place. For you, we have chosen places with the most romantic sunrise. Discover them! 

This city of artists is proud of its 60 big and small galleries. Welcome the morning looking at the distant green horizon stretching before you. Let it inspire your creativity.

St. Andrew's Island - Maškin, Rovinj  
From a bird’s eye view, two artificially connected islets look as if they are holding hands. There is a hotel complex on St. Andrew's Island, while Maškin is a naturist paradise which we have listed amongst the most romantic beaches of Istria.
Holding hands, observe how the first rays of sun illuminate the Zlatni rt Forest Park and the open sea in the distance.


Tican Observatory  
After observing the stars all night, walk together around the observatory. Observe the stars slowly disappearing, as the sky changes color from black and indigo to light blue and orange.

From the old town on the hill watch together how layers of bluish mist slowly float below you. Some think that Pićan was named after the Pucinum fortress, known for premium Teran, which was also adored by the Roman Empress Livia and Giacomo Casanova.  

Lighthouse Marlera, Ližnjan
The lonely lighthouse in the south of Istria will give you a sunrise you have not experienced before. The clean wind will bring scents of the open sea and aromatic herbs, and you'll have a feeling that you have come together to the end of the world. Learn more about the Lighthouse Marlera.