Sun and sea

Why Istria Is a Perfect Destination for Couples

Are you looking for a charming destination that offers historical sites, cultural attractions and also experience something unique with a special romantic atmosphere? Istria is the right destination for you! We have prepared the list of unavoidable romantic reasons why you should visit Istria with your loved one.

porec zalazak
The most beautiful sunsets
You will find the most beautiful sunsets in Istria which are always different. Experience orange, red and purple light when the sun goes down and spreads all across the sea which resembles the stillness of olive oil and sometimes it can be wrinkled and restless.

Take a walk by the sea, find your peaceful place and rest yourselves at the coast, raise your glass of delicious Istrian wine and observe how the day turns into the night.

Novigrad wellness
Romantic spa experiences in Istrian wellness hotels
During your stay in Istria, choose one day to enjoy only in luxury vacation. Wellness centres are a real oasis of peace and the scent of the ether oils, detox and relaxing massages are what everyone needs!

Peaceful surroundings, rich offer and warm atmosphere of all wellness centres is a must - try experience for everyone. Don’t worry if you can't decide which is your favourite type of sauna, just try them all!

Motovun Mirna
Motovun: Indescribable sunrises
Istria is a perfect destination to discover for two persons and Motovun is an unavoidable place which you will visit on your journey. This special town will enchant anyone who visits it and steps on its rocky streets.
If you'd like to wake up early in the morning and experience sunrises, you can just enjoy the spectacle which this town will provide during all seasons. You won't mind waking up early!

Rovinj: the most romantic town in the Mediterranean
The best comes last and the end of this romantic journey belongs to the fairy tale town of Rovinj. Unique old town core, romantic and Mediterranean atmosphere, ateliers, and colourful houses at the sea coast are only a few of the reasons why Rovinj is an ideal destination for a romantic vacation.

We have a little advice how to get the best view of the town: take a batana - traditional boat ride to the islets and cliffs, experience view of Rovinj from the sea and take home with you a unique and unforgettable romantic experience.