Istrian Honey Spots

Honey Roads

Empress Maria Theresa proclaimed beekeeping a protected craft. “...In order to popularize beekeeping among our people, it is exempt from any tax or toll for all times...”, stands in the Patent on beekeeping from 1775.

In Istria it all begins in April when beekeepers harvest fruit and dandelion honey which is extracted until May. Then the hives and beekeepers, like real nomads, move in search of locust trees that yield high quality and delicious honey. At the same time bees are diligently collecting sage nectar.

The next activity takes place in June when hives are transferred to areas rich in chestnut trees. In mid-September the bees return home. Then they mostly sip the nectar from heather and other plants blossoming at that time. For those who don’t know much about honey making and its terminology, honey extraction is the process of removing honey from the honeycomb.

Honey is healthy - it is worth finding out just how healthy it is. The tour of wine and olive oil roads in Istria can be rounded up by a visit to honey roads around Istria.

Honey spots introduce a magnificent world of diligent bees creating unique products - honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly.

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