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You would like to have fresh local products on your table every day, but your lifestyle and lack of free time prevent you from visiting the market regularly? There is a solution and it is within reach! The Institute for Agriculture and Tourism of Poreč, along with its partners in the framework of the IPA Cross Border Cooperation programme between Slovenia and Croatia, has designed an application entitled "The local online market" that enables the purchase of products directly from local producers.

The current range of agricultural products on offer from around Istria can be browsed easily and quickly on an online portal, and after selecting a basket of your desired product, the time and method of payment can then be selected. The online market is the virtual counterpart of the classical market so the choice of products is really vast and varied, from fruit and vegetables to finished products such as honey, wine or olive oil. Even meat products such as prosciutto, bacon and chicken can be found on this Istrian market. As well as this, customers are offered the opportunity to personally meet the agricultural companies of incoming products and gain a greater insight into the technology and production methods used, including the finishing techniques.

The benefits are numerous - for consumers who are able to regularly enjoy Istrian products, and for manufacturers too, who are able to present their companies and their products in a quality and convenient way, at the same time building their own identities.

This is precisely one of the most important goals of the Local online market project - the preservation of small and medium agricultural companies that have a large sociological, ecological and cultural role.

The unique fragrances and flavours of Istria, when buying freshly picked fruit and vegetables that are not treated during storage, are now available in a single click of the mouse!

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