Top 5 Beverages of Istria to Keep You Warm in Winter

If you decide to visit Istria in winter months and you don't particularly like cold weather, you can find a way to make your holiday as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Find out more about traditional and modern drinks that will introduce you to the aromatic and fragrant side of the Istrian peninsula.

Try ladies beverage of Istria

A mixture between brandy and Teran is a romantic drink called Teranino, authentic liqueur of Istria that will win you with its scent and taste. Teranino is traditionally served as an aperitif, and is especially popular among ladies.

Beverage from the smallest town in the world
Biska is the traditional alcoholic beverage of Istria prepared of homemade grape brandy, white mistletoe and four types of herbs. You can visit Hum - the town of Biska In Istria which also is the smallest town in the world.
Except of Biska, the town is well - known for the Glagolitic script which is another reason why you should visit it.

drinks gin
Keep yourselves warm with this drink at one of the Advents in Istria

Gin has recently been quite popular in Istria, especially during the holiday season. At numerous Advents in Istria you can taste boiled gin, which will „keep you warm“ and make your holidays even more pleasant.

Even though it's not a traditional drink of Istria, we believe that our towns and small places will bring the Advent spirit in December which you can experience only in Istria.

istarski ginTry the Mediterranean scents of Istria
If you like aromatical herbs in a beverage, it's the right time to try herbal brandy! The traditional drink is prepared of different types of herbs among which are fennel, sage, rosemary and other numerous Meditteranean plants which complete the aromatic scent of this beverage. You can try it as an aperitif before you have dinner in most of the traditional taverns in Istria.

Beverage to keep you warm in winter and tastes sweet at the same time
As you know, the best comes last and that is the quince compote. Quince is a fruit which matures at the right time - in winter months when everyone like to try warm and delicious desserts full of aromas and scents.