Top 5 Sweet Gastronomic Delicacies in Istria

Istrian gastronomy offers several different types of pastry and it can be especially proud that only high-quality ingredients are used in its preparation. Sweet pastry (fritule) are a traditional carnival sweet pastry, sweet pastry (cukerančići) are prepared for weddings, Easter and Christmas, sweet pastry (kroštule) for the weddings, sweet bread (pinca) for Easter and rolled pastry (povetica) for Easter and Christmas. Sweet "bumbar" cake is prepared for Christmas, Easter and other important festivities. Find their recipes, learn how to prepare them and delight your dearest ones.

istrian cookiesDelightful crispiness of sweet pastry (kroštula)
Sweet pastry (kroštula) is a traditional pastry in Istria and Croatian coastal part in general. Enjoy its delicious taste and crispiness because its taste won't leave you indifferent! It is offered at various celebrations because not only does it tastes delicious but it also looks very beautiful on the table. You will recognize it for its golden yellow colour and unusual shape.

Sweet pastry (fritula) is a traditional carnival pastry
Sweet pastry (fritula) is an unavoidable part of Istrian gastronomy which can be found on the table at the celebrations and events. Although most people eat it more during winter months, it's also eaten in summer because it's delicious and quickly prepared.

Cover it with chocolate, sugar or coloured crumbs. Someone like dough with no extra ingredients, while others like to put raisins in it, a bit of brandy, grated apples and candied fruit. Choose the recipe you like most or prepare it differently every time!

pazinski cukerancic
"Pazinski cukerančići" - wedding pastry
Traditional sweet pastry (cukerančići) is a delicacy especially known of the area in centraI Istria and Pazin.
The local women used to prepare it as a wedding pastry and today, it's prepared for baptism, communion and confirmation, as well as for Easter and Christmas celebrations.

In order to protect its name and preparation, it was recently declared for the intangible cultural heritage of Croatia. Its little secret is that it's traditionally baked under the lid.

Bumbarska tortaSweet "bumbar" cake
Would you like to find out why it carries the name „bumbar“ and more details regarding the preparation? It's a very delicious cake prepared with only 3 ingredients: eggs, sugar and almond. As it is traditionally prepared in Vodnjan, the inhabitants of Vodnjan who speak Istroroman (istriot) dialect have been given the nickname „bumbari“ and that is why the cake carries the same name.

Delicious „povetica“ for all gourmet lovers
It's a pastry made of risen dough which is traditionally prepared for Christmas and Easter. The main difference between walnut roll (orehnjača) and „povetica“ is that apples are often put in „povetica“ which makes it juicier. In some parts of Istria apples or walnuts are put as stuffing in „povetica“ while others put cheese or curd. We love them all, as long as it's sweet and delicious!