Wine as it Should be: Teran, Malvasia and Muscat

You enjoy top quality wine? Are you looking for new flavours and scents? Come to Istria and reward your sophisticated palate with fresh wine aromas.

The history of wine-making in Istria is thousands of years long. The ancient Phoenicians and Greeks brought vines to the green peninsula, and the indigenous Histri people successfully mastered the skill of growing this noble plant.

vinograd coronicaWhy is Istria a top wine region?
Istrian wines have a special taste because of the natural features of this region - type of soil, terrain and specific climate created in the place where the Alpine and the Mediterranean air meet.

There are two types of soil on the Istrian peninsula - terra rossa on the shore and clay, white soil in the interior. Connoisseurs say that terra rossa is perfect for black grape varieties that yield heavier, intense wines.

White varieties give the most yield in white soil, producing fresh and aromatic wines.

Istrian small hills with gentle slopes are favourable for growing grape vine, while greater oscillations between day and night temperatures additionally emphasize the intensity of the scent of the future wine.

The prestigious Wine Enthusiast declared Istria one of the ten most desirable destinations for wine lovers in 2015. The same flattering title was awarded to Istria by experts from European Best Destinations in 2016.

vinoWhich wines should you taste in Istria?  
The most important sort of this region is white Malvasia. It is everywhere in Istria and it is an inseparable part of the climate identity. Taste a straw yellow-coloured wine with a pleasant acacia flower scent and moderate freshness.

In Istria, you should also enjoy a glass of Teran, fresh ruby-coloured wine known for its lively fruity scents. Find out more about the exciting legends related to Teran in our article.

Don’t miss the two Muscat varieties with a distinctive wild carnation aroma - Momjan Muscat and Poreč Rose Muscat.

How to pair Istrian wines with food?
Drink a glass of Teran with homemade prosciutto and pasta with a sauce made of Boskarin, indigenous Istrian cattle.
Enrich the finest fresh fish and seafood delicacies with gold droplets of Malvasia.

Pair delicious kroštule, a traditional dessert made of sugared fried dough, with a sip of a Momjan Muscat.
Therefore - Teran with meat dishes, Malvasia with fish dishes and Muscat with desserts.
Bon appetite!  

vinogradIstrian wine roads  
The Istrian wine roads are an artery of hedonism and good mood interlacing the entire peninsula, linking more than a hundred vineyards and cellars.
Choose one of the roads and devote yourself to discovering the wine cellars. There you will find a great atmosphere, local food and, of course, a cap the taste of which you will remember for a long time. Don’t forget to take away a few bottles as a memory of your great time in Istria.

The Istrian vineyard is more than a place where grape vines grow - it is a place of meeting and inspiration, perfect for organizing team buildings or meeting with business partners.

Learn more about the team building in the vineyard in a special article we prepared for you.

The total area of ​​Istrian vineyards is 6.151 hectares. Western Istrian wine-growing region (Poreč, Buje, Pula, Rovinj) is the largest and covers an area of 5,839 hectares of vineyards. The central wine-growing region (Buzet, Pazin) is 209 hectares large, and the eastern (Labin) is 103 hectares large.    

podrumWine Day in Istria  
In Istria, the last Sunday in May each year is dedicated to the International Wine Day. On that day, around seventy Istrian wine cellars, together with thousands of cellars around the world, open their doors to wine lovers.

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., take a look at modern wineries, state-of-the-art wine tasting rooms and family farms where friendly hosts are waiting for you.

Find out more about Istrian wine producers and wine roads on: Wine Day in Istria.

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