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Top 5 Most Romantic Cycling Trails of Istria

Two-wheel drive is best in pair. Travel together along the bicycle trails of Istria and create unforgettable memories.

Istria is heart-shaped, and its rocky shores and gentle hills are perfect places for couples to enjoy far away from tourist crowds.
For you, we have chosen five most romantic cycling trails that lead through the wonderful Istrian ruins. There you will find landscapes and vistas that you will find even more beautiful because you will be looking at them with your partner.
Let’s get started!

bike oprtalj1. Aphrodisiac trail  
Drive along the slopes of Istrian hills and the valley of the Mirna River. This region is best known for truffles, rich gastronomic wonders that earned the reputation of aphrodisiacs. Let this trail awaken the passion in you!

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2. Dvigrad Tour  
Dvigrad tour passes through St. Lovreč and descends on the curvy road to the Lim Valley and to the mysterious ruins of the medieval town of Dvigrad. Perhaps a look at the mysterious Dvigrad inspires you to discover a deeply hidden secret to your loved one.

Then climb from Dvigrad to Kanfanar, during which you might break a sweat. From Kanfanar you will descend into the Lim Valley, then climb up towards the Lim Channel and arrive at a place where you can see the panorama of the entire Lim Channel and take very memorable photos.

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bike maistra3. The Magical Archipelago 
Vrsar is one of the most romantic Istrian towns, in which the legendary seducer Casanova stayed on two occasions intoxicated by the Istrian Teran.   Enjoy the lovely Vrsar, then enjoy the shade of the Konti forest, and find a well-deserved refreshment in the village of Marasi at the end of the trail.

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4. Teran  
From the waterfront in Rabac climb up to Labin, then drive along the steep slopes along which you can find top Istrian wine cellars. This trail requires a bit more effort, which will pay off when you taste a glass of ruby ​​red Teran together.

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bike maistra5. Veliki Brijun  
The ancient Romans and Josip Broz Tito left their mark on this island national park. Get around the Great Brijuni along the coastal trail. Enjoy the exotic animals that freely roam the island and the Roman ruins right by the sea. You will have a feeling that you have the entire island just for yourselves, at least for a few hours.

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