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Essen & Trinken published an impressive story on Istria

Essen&Trinken, the leading German gourmet magazine, published an impressive story on Istria.

essen und trinken“Sea cuisine on a new track” is the title of a story published on Istria by the leading German culinary magazine Essen&Trinken. This 10 page article presents the best gastronomic offer of our peninsula. The author praises fish restaurants and states he has met creative chefs. He speaks of Istria’s inland (Green Istria, taverns, truffles, wine, Istrian cattle and prosciutto) with same enthusiasm.

The magazine was printed in 128.318 copies, value of each page amounts to 25.600 euros – which means the estimated value of the article on Istria is more than 250.000 euros. Istrian gastronomy has, again, proven to be one of the key factors to attract German speaking guests and media.

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