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A Scent of Istria in Your Homes

As in this period we cannot warmly welcome you in Istria, we decided to bring Istria to you, and to your homes.

While we are impatiently looking forward to travel together, to explore colours and tastes of our dear Istria, we bring you some interesting content that will make you travel virtually.
Follow us daily on our social media, stay home, but be ready to return to Istria that is ready to welcome you with open arms! :)

Top 5 Virtual Ways to Explore Istria
We recommend a free tour of the cultural and natural heritage that can be found only in Istria from the coziness of your home while you're sitting in the armchair connected to your wi-fi network. The advantage of it is that you don't waste your time waiting in line as you can search for all the information very quickly.

Tartuf, Lov na tartuf
Top 5 Vlogs About Istria
We have prepared for you top 5 vlogs about Istria with different topics that will make you want to book your accommodation in Istria as soon as possible.

gortanova uvala, pula
Top 5 Inspiring Photographs of Istria
Did you know that blue has a calming and trusting effect, while green symbolizes vitality and renewal? Check it out!

Until the time is right to visit Istria again, you can always daydream from the safety of your homes and enjoy the content we bring you daily. While looking forward to meet you again in Istria, we send to you and your families our warmes thoughts. #staysafe