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Istria Tourist Board extends its winning partnership with football powerhouse

The traditional Bayern annual Partner Summit 2024 took place in Istria, organized by the Istria Tourist Board in collaboration with the management of the legendary club.

The Istria Tourist Board is continuing its significant strategic partnership with the world-renowned football club FC Bayern Munich, planning joint activities and projects for the next three years. The traditional three-day Annual Partner Summit 2024 was also held in Istria, organized by the Istria Tourist Board in collaboration with the management of this legendary club.

This year's largest club event took place at the Lone Hotel in Rovinj from June 10 to 12. It was attended by nearly a hundred members of the FC Bayern Munich management and executive team, as well as representatives from the upper management of their renowned sponsors and partners - Allianz, Adidas, Audi, Qatar Airways, Coca-Cola, Miele, and others.

The annual Partner Summit is a perfect blend of work and leisure. The first part of the summit featured team-building activities, discussions on strategic partnerships, opportunities for enhancement, and the development of new projects. In the second part of the event, participants had the chance to explore Istria as a destination, a region that also serves as their strategic partner.

During the destination tour, esteemed guests had the chance to immerse themselves in Istrian gastronomy, experience the thrill of kayaking, enjoy serene boat trips, and explore picturesque cycling trails on both classic and electric bicycles...  

The feedback from the Summit has been outstanding. While some guests were visiting Istria and Croatia for the first time, others have already made reservations for their holiday on our peninsula.

This unique and successful co-branding initiative began in 2018 when the Istria Tourist Board and FC Bayern Munich entered into this key strategic partnership.

More information about the collaboration between Istria and the football giant is available on our website
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