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Istria - Virtuoso Preferred Partner

Istria Tourist Board has become the “Virtuoso Preferred Destination” partner!

Virtuoso® is a leading association, that is a network of international travel agencies specialising in luxury and experiential travel. It includes 1,100 specialised travel agencies with more than 22,000 elite travel advisors in over 50 countries.

Relying on its chosen or preferred partners, among which there are more than 2,000 of the world's best hotels and resorts, airlines, travel companies and top destinations, Virtuoso also offers its clients exclusive facilities, rare experiences and privileged access.

Virtuoso can be joined by entities that are able to offer the highest level of services and products that can be counted as unique experiences, and membership can only be achieved by invitation and with the recommendation of at least three partners who must guarantee that all new members meet the association’s high criteria.

“Becoming a partner with Virtuoso is a great recognition and honour for the Istria Tourist Board, but also for the whole of Istria, and it is in line with our vision of the further development of tourism.”, said Prefect Boris Miletić. "It is confirmation that our region can offer high-quality services and experiences to even the most demanding tourists and guests with high paying power." Istria has positioned itself as a world tourist brand and we want to continue on this path of transforming it into an even more attractive and desirable destination", Miletić added.

"Through this partnership, the Tourist Board will have access to global consumer marketing channels that effectively target wealthy consumers with a high propensity to travel," said managing director Denis Ivošević. "Apart from the Tourist Board, we currently have only two other partners in Istria, Maistra's hotels, Monte Mulini and Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, but I believe that we will increase our membership in the coming years. From now on, Virtuoso's spotlights will be more significantly turned towards us, so that anyone having the highest goals in their business mission and portfolio of products and designed services, will definitely be able to become members of the association", concluded Ivošević.  



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