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Istria Among Top 8 Places to Virtually Travel as You Honeymoon Hunt

San Canzian Village & Hotel near Buje is selected as one of the top 8 places in the world to virtually travel as you honeymoon hunt.

Brides - the American lifestyle magazine has suggested to its readers that during these uncertain and unsettling times, the health of ourselves and our loved ones is what's most important, naturally. But for those healthy couples who are shacking up, doing the right thing, and making the best of self-quarantine, you're left with a whole lot of time to daydream about your possibly-delayed honeymoon or your next romance-filled trip. With a first-class flight taken from your couch, let us distract your mind and help you virtually honeymoon hunt at these eight glorious destinations. 

The magazine has selected 8 exclusive virtual travel honeymoon destinations in the world. The prestigeous San Canzian near Buje is one of those destinations recognizable for its authentic Istrian style that blends traditional and modern architecture providing its guests individual approach and top-quality service of the 5-star hotel as well as a unique concept that combines culture, modern art and influence of the local design.

villa san canzian buje

„Close your eyes. Imagine you and bae on a romance-filled Croatian holiday at this pool. Then, open your eyes and see if it matches up to this virtual tour of San Canzian Village & Hotel, a luxe hotel compound located in a Medieval village in the Istrian countryside - the "Tuscany" of Italy's neighbor across the Adriatic Sea. Our bet: With all the surrounding olive trees and scenic vineyards, plus spectacular guest rooms with outdoor courtyards, the virtual tour promises to better...that is, until you can see the real thing". That is how the popular Bride magazine has described the chosen location in Istria.

Top 8 places selected by the popular American Bride magazine that invites all readers to the virtual visit of the honeymoon locations:
1. San Canzian Village & Hotel, Istria, Croatia
2. The Soggy Dollar, British Virgin Islands
3. The Gant, Aspen, CO
4. Halepuna Waikiki by Halekulani, Honolulu, Hawaii
5. Baoase Luxury Resort, Curaçao
6. Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL
7. Cheetah Plains, South Africa
8. The Brando Residences, Tahiti

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