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  • The Baredine Cave is a geomorphological monument of nature and has been arranged for visitors since 1995. The guided tour lasts 40 minutes, 5 richly decorated halls are visited, and the highlight of the visit is the meeting with the mysterious inhabitant of the underground - the human fish. In the immediate vicinity of Jama Baredina, there is also an ethno story dedicated to agriculture called Tractor Story. The display of about fifty old-timer tractors, machines and numerous photos and documents, as well as the story of the Mediterranean trilogy - about bread, olive oil and wine are closely related to the history of this region and its people. Next to the pit are also arranged: Speleogaleria, Speleolit center, free parking, coffee bar/buffet, souvenir shop, children's playground and area with domestic animals.

  • Angepasst an Menschen mit Behinderungen: NEIN
  • Bei Regen geöffnet: JA
  • Mit Vorankündigung: NEIN

Content 1:

  • Cave Baredine and Traktor Story

  • Dauer:

    1,30 h

  • Geplanter Termin:
    Samstag 01/10 und Sonntag 02/10

    Aprox. every 30 minutes

  • Preis am Tourismustag:

    Adults - HRK 45 Children (5 - 15 years) - HRK 30 Children (0 - 4 years) - free

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