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Istria among world’s top 12 destinations for 2020 by Yahoo!

Yahoo! recommends Istria as travel destination for British for next year.

Excellent news from the international markets are coming almost every day at the address of the Istria Touris Board, and the last one that maintains the positive image and reputation of our destination at the international level comes from Yahoo!, a pioneer of the Internet news web and search engine.

Istria was listed as one of the best 12 travel spots for 2020 by Yahoo!

Twelve selected destinations, according to Yahoo!, offer higher value for money and the opportunity to widen the horizons of the travellers, pointing out that they represent the excellent alternative to the places like Mallorca and Marbella in Spain, where British tourists traditionally travel.

In the article under the title: “Top holiday destinations 2020: 12 of the best travel spots for next year“, Istria is described as the heart-shaped peninsula in the north-west of Croatia, by the editor in chief Francesca Specter. Moreover, it is described as the destination without crowds, with long sea coast and pebble beaches, while the attractive photograph of Rovinj from the air was inserted in the article.

The English region Kent, the Portuguese region Algarve and Asturias in the north of Spain are also among the 12 best travel spots. Our peninsula is followed by the Canary islands, south Goa, Lake District from Chile, Kaludah Beach from Sri Lanka, Fort Cochin in India and Nicoya in Costa Rica as well as Arles in France and Peloponnese in Greece.

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