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Show tourists the most beautiful views #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia

Show to tourists the view in which they will enjoy when they come to Croatia

After the communication concept of #CroatiaLongDistanceLove, we would like to present to all our future visitors the Croatian beauties, which will remain the same, after this challenging situation is over. The goal of the communication platform of the Croatian National Tourism Board is to inspire our dear guests, when time is right, to visit Croatia again or for the first time. Therefore, we would like you to support the new communication platform Enjoy the view from Croatia with which we will remind the travel lovers why they should visit Croatia again or for the first time.  The aim of the platform is to promote the Croatian tourism, and you will contribute to building its image and showing the Croatian beauties to the world audience. We would like to motivate as many visitors, to visit our country, when the time is right.

In this unpredictable time, people remember who gave them support, why is important to show that we care about our guests, and that we wish them to stay safe and healthy. It is important to let them know that our destination without them is not the same and that one day they will enter again our town, island, home or bay. We invite you to take a photograph or video with a view towards the sea, sunset, meadow, square, street or corner that they remember and because of which they will return to Croatia. We can send them the balcony view on which they enjoyed or they daydream, and remind them that this careless ambiance is waiting for them and they will drink their coffee again, on this balcony. With this picture or short video, we will share with them the piece of the atmosphere and enlighten their day, showing them that Croatia did not forget them.

The platform Enjoy the view from Croatia is simple and accessible to everyone. The individuals build the strength and reach of its message - all Croatian tourism stakeholder can be part of it. If you are private accommodation owner, service owner, agency employee, member of the tourist board, tourist destination resident - you are invited to participate! Send us a photograph or short video for which you think that will transmit the beauties and flavours of our country and why tourists should visit it:
- to e-mail address: or via Instagram @enjoytheview_fromcroatia
- on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile, share your photo with hashtag #EnjoyTheViewFromCroati

*  If there is a story behind your photograph that you would like to share, you can add a short description. In addition, send your photograph or video to your guest via Inbox of the booking service you use and in the text you can add #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia and add a private message (example: We hope you are well, holiday without you is not the same!

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