Freshwater fishing

In Istria, apart from sea fishing, you can also try out the freshwater fishing. You can fish in the ponds at Cerovlje and it is possible to go eels hunting in the river Mirna.

Daily fishing license is 20 EUR, issued in electronic form, for information contact ŠRD Pazinčica Pazin, +385 98 432 889.

1. Fishing by the pools at Anzur (pisciculture goods) is forbidden a whole year round, except in the case of organised competitions.
2. The use of intoxicating substances, nets, fish-traps, long-lines, dynamite, tridents and similar means is forbidden.
3. It is not allowed to throw away rubbish and leftovers on the fishing surfaces or around them.
4. It is strictly forbidden to fish during the close season, that is from 01.04. - 30.04.

Fishing regulations
1. Fishing by using two fishing sets (with two angles each) is allowed.
2. Fishing can be done from dawn till dusk, except eel catch on the river Mirna
3. The fishing close season for all the species in Cerovlje is from 01.04. - 30.04. From 01.05.-31.05. fishing is possible only weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and Holidays.

Allowed daily catch is:
Carp longer than 30 cm: 1 piece
Tench longer than 25 cm: 3 pieces
Chub longer than 20 cm: 10 pieces
Barbel longer than 25 cm: 1 piece
Pike longer than 40 cm: 1 piece
Amur longer than 40 cm: 1 piece
Catching other watery animals (crab, frog, leech, etc.) is not allowed.
The pike close season is from 01.02. - 31.03.

Freshwater sport fishing associations in Istria
SRD Mrena Buzet
Address: Fontana 7, Buzet
Contact: +385 91 536 3491

ŠRD Pazinčica Pazin
Address: M.B. Rašana 3, Pazin
Contact: +385 98 432 889,

ŠRD Istra Buje
Address: Grubice 5, Brtonigla
Contact: +385 52 774 300

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