Traditional gourmet under protection: Pazinski cukerančić

Delicious pastries were created in the stone houses, by the fireplace, on large wooden tables following recipes that were passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation, thus keeping their place on today’s tables.

cukerancicFreshly ground flour, healthy fat and a drop of good wine, with a piece of candied or fresh fruit brought together the tradition of Istrian pastries - recipes that have been well preserved in the precious hands of their Istrian hosts.
Golden-yellow sponge cake (pandešpanja), crispy angel wings or sweet Berliner, offer a delicious explosion of tastes on everyone’s palate.

However, the main star among Istrian pastries has only just begun its trip to the throne, although definitely well deserved thanks to its remarkable preparation and special taste. The Pazinski cukerančić is the first Istrian pastry to be included on the list of Croatia’s intangible heritage.

The Cukerančić, characterised by delicious dough dipped into quality Malvasia and coarse sugar, is the first protected cultural good from traditional Istrian gastronomy.

It is prepared throughout the Istrian peninsula, but the way it is made in Pazin differs from the others. In this way, the skill of preparing Pazinski cukerančić becomes, in itself, a protected skill that will prevent it from falling into oblivion, and at the same time, during organised workshops, the keepers of this tradition will continue to transfer their sweet secrets of Istrian cookies.

With its delicious dough, pleasant sweetness and creative appearance, the cukerančić is the heritage you will be eager to taste.