Experience Višnjan

Istra Bike: Trail of Stars

On this beautiful and educational tour, we are acquainted with the ancient town Višnjan and its picturesque surroundings. The name Trail of Stars is a reference to internationally recognized Višnjan astronomical observatory now operating in village Tićan. Višnjan observatory, with more than 1400 newly discovered astral bodies is one of the most productive observatories in the world and is one of the leading scientific institutions in Croatia.

Start and finish of the tour is in front of the town hall, where the first telescope was located more than 30 years ago.
We start from the center of Višnjan, riding through the town to the football field. We turn left on the forest road, which leads to the gravel road next to the highway. After a short climb, riding through the vineyards, we arrive to the village Baškoti. Here we enter the Dubrava forest, which was famous for the bauxite deposits. Few of the old excavation areas are still visible as deep holes along the road.

At the end of the forest road we arrive to Tićan, here we can see the new observatory building with the telescope dome and the installation „Stone circle“, which reminds of the famous Stonehenge. This artistic installation is a functional reconstruction of pre historical shrine and solar observatory „Mali Sv. Anđeo“, which is originally located at the archeological site near Poreč.

After Tićan, we descend slowly towards Višnjan passing through the shady Istrian forests and lavender fields near village Deklevi. This tour is easy and is suitable for younger and less experienced riders.

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