Oleum olivarum

Krasica, a picturesque village in the vicinity of Buje, will host the "Oleum olivarum", one of the oldest olive oil fairs in Croatia. Over time, the manifestation developed into an international festival of olive oils participated in by scientific-research institutions, olive growers and olive oil manufacturers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

In the framework of the two-day program, the hosts of the Oleum olivarum manifestation will organize the tasting of top olive oils for participants and visitors, combined with Istrian dishes and domestic wines and honey offered at occasional stalls, organize expert lectures, award medals to olive oil manufacturers, while authors of artworks thematizing olives will be presented awards in the framework of a unique international visual arts competition Ex tempore.

About the event:

27th extravergin olive oil exhibition


  • Krasica-Crasizza (Buje-Buie)


  • 20.04. - 21.04.24


  • TZ Buje