Omelette weeks in Central Istria

Fritaja (omelette) is a traditional Istrian meal prepared with various ingredients, with the main place being given to the wild herbs available in the area of Istria. It is especially popular in the spring period, when their taste, along with local eggs, will be complemented by asparagus, dandelion or wild garlic.

You can taste them in the following catering facilities:

Konoba Dišpet:
Fritaja (omelette) with asparagus and prosciutto, Spring vegetarian fritaja (omelette),
Fritaja (omelette) with bacon and courgettes / 5,30 €

Konoba Jelenić:
Fritaja (omelette) with prosciutto/bacon, Fritaja (omelette) with traditional spring onion from Lovran/wild garlic,
Fritaja (omelette) with sausage, Fritaja (omelette) with dandelion and dandelion greens, Fritaja (omelette) with asparagus / 8 €

Tomažova konoba:
Fritaja (omelette) with asparagus and bacon, Fritaja (omelette) with špaleta (semi-dried pork front shoulder) and spring onion,
Fritaja (omelette) with truffles, Fritaja (omelette) with sausages and rocket salad / 8 €

Konoba Marino:
Fritaja (omelette) with hops, Fritaja (omelette) with traditional spring onion from Lovran,
Fritaja (omelette) with mushrooms, prosciutto and Parmesan / 6 €