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A Greeting from the Heart of Istria

The Glagolitic script is an ancient Slavic script, created by brothers Cyril and Methodius. Church books, town statutes and laws, carvings on the walls, crucifixes, even on church bells, were written in the Glagolitic script.

rocThe Istrian interior has preserved this tradition best. The modern age has built a peculiar monument to the Glagolitic culture - the Glagolitic Avenue.
This is the spiritual heart of Istria.

If you take the trouble to learn a few characters, you can write a postcard in this script to send it to your loved ones.

Walk along the Glagolitic Avenue
Glagolitic Avenue is an extraordinary monument and witness to the lasting history of Glagolitic literacy, from the times of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius up to today. The Avenue is marked with 11 monuments located in pristine nature along the seven-kilometre road from Roč to Hum.

aleja glagoljasaThe journey through history begins at Roč with the Column of the Čakav Assembly in the shape of the letter “S”, symbolising the beginning of Slavic literacy.
Next is the Table of Cyril and Methodius, followed by the Seat of Clement of Ohrid, a disciple and follower of Cyril and Methodius.

Then come a collection of copies of the most significant Glagolitic inscriptions in stone, the Ravine of the Croatian Ludicar (medieval encyclopaedia), the Outlook Point of Grgur Ninski, the Ascent of the Istrian Book of Boundaries, the Wall of Croatian Protestants and Heretics, and the Rest Area of Žakan Juraj, a Glagolitic scholar who announced the printing of the first Croatian printed book.

The penultimate monument, dedicated to freedom, consists of three stone blocks symbolising Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. The monument stands for resistance and the eternal aspiration towards peace and liberty.
Glagolitic Avenue ends at the copper town gates of Hum.

Come spend a day walking down Glagolitic Avenue and enjoy its natural and cultural beauty.

Sentona, an ancient goddess of the Liburnians