Top 5 Ideas for a Different View of Žminj

Žminj has a rich history because the hill on which it is located was already inhabited in the prehistory. You can find high-quality accommodation for a peaceful and relaxing vacation and it also offers Bartulja - one of the most famous folk festivals traditionally held every year on the last weekend in August. Come and learn more about Žminj, a small place in the heart of Istria from where numerous Istrian products come from.

Festival PašteIstrian Pasta Festival
In recent years, Žminj has been recognized as a place of pasta making and cooking. For 6 years in a row, Pasta festival has been organized as a two-day event at the end of Juni.

Under the old chestnut trees, in a „Zad kaštela“ cosy ambience, the visitors can try and enjoy the traditional tastes of makaruni, gnocchi, fuži and participate in pasta cooking and at the same time, it is also a great way to preserve and protect traditional Istrian cuisine. Bon appetit!

Pašareta - a red sparkling soft drink
Everyone that once have visited Istria and have met „Istrijani” - local people, must have tasted pašareta. This product is not easy to find outside Istria and it has been a popular soft drink in Istria for more than 90 years. It is called an Istrian „Coca - cola“, a sparkling soft drink which family Ferenčić started producing in 1924. The simple recipe for its preparation include sugar, water and fruit aromas and alongside the distinctive red colour is what makes this soft drink special and recognizable local product. Cheers!

Latus dairy
Latus dairy is a small family firm surrounded by pastures which has put Žminj and surroundings on the map of Istria. Local people and tourists can buy and try milk products made of fresh milk, yoghurts, sour cream and cheese.

Available products, besides on the selling spots and with prior appointment, can also be tasted during your visit to dairy.
Enjoy your visit!

Caffe Monte
Monte coffee is one relatively new, but equally recognizable and popular product from Žminj. 30 years ago, local coffee lovers decided to try producing coffee in their own way and have created a recognizable brand, so that you can taste the aroma of Žminj in numerous catering facilities all around Istria and beyond. Good morning!

Pinca - Easter sweet bread
Easter in Istria is celebrated, among other traditional customs, with the preparation of pinca. There are many known different recipes for this Easter sweet bread which are almost identical so pinca is not a product that originally comes from the area of Žminj.

Traditionally, on Palm Sunday and just before Easter, the event Istrijan pinca under the baking lid is held where hardworking housewives teach younger generations how to prepare pinca under the lid.

Join the event if you plan to visit Istria during the Easter time. You can try pinca in any season during your stay on our peninsula.