Green Istria

Cool Down from the Heat Wave in Istria!

Summer is the hottest season we all impatiently wait for the entire year. We travel more, enjoy our vacations or long weekends, hang out in the open, enjoy the sea and sun...

However, sometimes the temperatures are unbearable so we have to seek refreshment in cold drinks, pine tree shade as well as numerous caves you can find on the Istrian peninsula.

jama baredine
The magical underground world
Why not cool down in an unusual way by experiencing Istria’s underground? There are several caves in Istria which will amaze you with their natural beauty - caves Mramornica, Feštinsko kraljevstvo and Baredine.

The Baredine cave is widely known for its endemic species - olm, as well as for a real treasury of stalactites and stalagmites. In the Mramornica cave due to its constant temperature of 14°C, wine in 5 Barrique barrels is being stored.

The Feštinsko kraljevstvo cave is located in the heart of Istria and abounds in beautiful flowstone-like shapes where one can recognize “the wizard’s hat”, “the Babylonian tower” and huge “bat wings” covered in vines’ roots emerged in the cave’s bottom water.

trail UčkaPleasant mountain freshness
If you’d like to look for pleasant refreshment on the mountains in Istria during heat waves - you can do it by going on a trip to Učka and Ćićarija. Mountain bike trails will lead you to explore these mountains, Korita springs and beautiful scenic views of the Učka Mountain. We recommend you visit the Vela Draga valley dominated by big rocks where two towers (unique in Istria) stand out.

If you’d like to enjoy beautiful panoramas, climb the highest Učka’s peak - Vojak (1401 m). There’s a stone tower - viewpoint there from where, on a clear day, one can see the entire Istrian peninsula and northern Adriatic islands.

zlatni rt rovinjShade under 100-year old trees
The Motovun forest is mostly known as truffle habitat, but in summer it refreshes the entire Mirna River area. The legend says the Istrian giant Veli Jože lived in Motovun so you might even encounter him on your walks through the woods...

The Park Forest Golden cape (Zlatni rt) by the sea in Rovinj is an ideal place for pleasant and refreshing walks in nature. Enjoy in the diversity and beauty of botanical species which can be seen here.

ronjenjeDive into the Adriatic’s underwater vivid motifs
The underwater beauty of the Istrian peninsula doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, especially during summer months when diving can give you an escape from the heat. The abundance in plant and animal species as well as numerous underwater walls and reefs, caves and wrecks attracts people in search of a different experience of the peninsula.

Try out the Underwater Trail on the Brijuni islands, snorkelling where you’ll be able to enjoy the sea world and historical remains, while an audio guide explains every detail. Contact one of the diving centres for organized underwater sightseeing.