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Top 5 Ideas to Detox in Istria

We believe that after all the festive and rich holiday meals, everyone will look forward to going on a vacation which revitalizes body and spirit. Therefore, we have 5 ideas because of which you will surely return to Istria and enjoy in detox possibilities inspired by our peninsula.

novigrad zalazakThrough walking by the sea to detox of the body and soul
We believe that our Adriatic sea has healing properties and every time you walk by the sea it will certainly be beneficiary for your body and soul. Istria is surrounded by the sea and walking paths which will be included in your detox plan after the holiday season ends.

Detox goes through your stomach
After you eat a lot of delicious food during the holidays, it's time to try some lighter meals which you can try in Istria! You can taste fish specialities in many restaurants in Istria and we recommend pilchards, small sea fish, rich in protein and omega 3 acids. You will be surprised by the positive effects of this simple food on your health.

Climb up the highest peak in Istria
Učka is the highest mountain in Istria and its highest peak is Vojak on which there is a tower from where you can experience a beautiful view of the stunning landscape of Istria.
After you conquer the highest peak of Istria, you will surely be proud of yourselves and recharged with energy for new challenges in the future.

Meditate on the green - blue peninsula
Experience the benefits of meditation in Istria! We believe that numerous viewpoints in Istria will have a positive impact on your mental health. With meditation, you will reduce stress and become more creative which proves that natural beauties are the right therapy for you. You may also decide to turn off your smartphone.

The right time for detox in Istria
If you would like to enjoy your time in Istria and you don't know what season is the best for visiting the peninsula, our tip is to visit Istria during winter time. On your journey, you will realize that a lot of tourists need to discover Istria in that period and you will be the first person to discover it. We can guarantee a detox experience with no summer crowd.