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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Parenzana

It’s impossible to shorten in one text the whole story about the magical Parenzana, narrow -gauge railway which was operating between 1902 and 1935 through the northwest of Istria and connected the ports of Trieste and Poreč. We will try to single out 5 things about Parenzana which you will find interesting and invite you to spend the weekend in Istria and explore the culture, history and natural heritage of this area.  

Parenzana MotovunAn area rich in cultural monuments
Northwest of Istria through which was operating the Parenzana, narrow-gauge railway is well-known for many cultural-historical monuments, from Euphrasian Basilica and lighthouse in Savudrija to the Baredine cave and observatory in Višnjan to the medieval towns on the hills which enrich this part of Istria.

Parenzana in 33 years of traffic
Parenzana has contributed to the economic development of Istria through its operating for 33 years. In only 33 years of operation, the railway Parenzana really contributed to the economic progress of Istria. Besides travellers, it was transporting wine and olive oil from Buje and Motovun, Istrian stone, lime, coal and wood and salt from Piran and Sečovlje.

Connection of the 33 places in Istria and 3 countries
On its 123 km long journey, Parenzana was connecting 33 places in Istria, from Trieste to Poreč. Today it would, therefore, pass the territories of three countries: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

tartufi i ravioli
Rich offer of Istrian gastronomical delicacies
You can taste Istrian wine, olive oil and truffles while you are visiting Parenzana - the former narrow - gauge railway.

Experience numerous possibilities for tastings of the Istrian delicacies, from the renowned winemakers like Kabola, Franković, Benvenuti and Tomaz to the Zigante Truffles and Ipša extra virgin oil in Livade and olive oil of the Galić family in Biloslave.

Parenzana staza
Bike and hiking trails
Today, the part of Parenzana from the border crossings between Italy and Slovenia to Poreč has been turned into the bike and hiking trail that attracts many lovers of outdoor activities.

It's a great idea for groups of friends and families with children to spend weekends in Istria and experience numerous trails that are an unavoidable part of Parenzana. If you would like to have accommodation near the railway, don't hesitate to book accommodation in Bike&Bed hotels.

Experience the story about Parenzana! Learn more about the history of this area and enjoy the walking, running or cycling on beautiful trails, bridges and viaducts, light tunnels and other additional offer like Parenzana museum at Livade.