Hiking trail: St. Zenon

The trail starts in Brtonigla-Verteneglio, and after a 20-minute walk you will reach a hill called Žmergo, surrounded by fields. The hilltop has a view over vineyards and olive groves all the way to the sea.

In 1936, a small structure was built on the hill. Village people call it the “old water system”, and it is still used as water supply. From here, the trail will take you to the Škarline Nature Park, a hidden gem of the region, with small lakes and a stream that has carved a true canyon on its course to the Mirna River.
After leaving the park, the trail becomes a dirt road taking you back to Brtonigla-Verteneglio.

Walking the trail takes up to two hours, depending on your pace.
This undemanding trail keeps to macadam tracks and field routes through vineyards; only a short section of the trail is paved.
The trail has easy-to-follow signs that are maintained by the Eco Association 'Nature’s Friends'.

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