Hiking trail: Walking by the ancient villas

Starting from Červar Porat where it is possible to look around the remains of the big estate from Ancient Roman times (villa rustica, oil refinery, amphora workshop and brick yard) to the bus station left towards northeast through the street to the end of the residential area where the cycling trail sign Poreč north Vabriga-Abrega stands. Then continuing on a trail through the woods downhill to Draga (the bay Uvala Lunga), then on to the other shore to numerous excavations of ancient estates and living quarters from 1st-4th century A.D. (villa rustica, brickyard, amphora workshop, vivarium) which can be seen in the sea as well.

The trail leads over the peninsula Larun (Loron) to the Santa Marina bay. On the left side it is possible to reach after about 200 m a picturesque fisherman’s marina where traces of a few more ancient villa rustica were found, then return by a cemented road uphill towards Vabriga-Abrega.

Before the village turn right on to a white trail which turns into a wide macadam road that takes you to the main road Tar-Torre-Poreč and continues alongside it to the intersection Červar Porat, continue right and at the next intersection right again to the starting point that is the bus station.

1. From the fisherman’s marina in Santa Marina it is possible to continue on the trail left leading around a restaurant uphill through pine woods then at the woods intersection continue left uphill to two wooden houses after which you turn right on to a narrow land path.
After passing through the orchard and the woods you come upon a spacious olive grove and turn right. The path goes along the olive grove to the top of the hill from where you can see Tar-Torre and Vabriga-Abrega, from there a wider trail leads to the right (opposite the olive grove) through the field to the first house on to a gravel path left where it is possible to see lids of manholes at intervals leading to the cemented road Santa Marina-Vabriga-Abrega which you cross and continuing on to a white road as described above.
2.  For those who want to avoid asphalt and traffic on the road can turn right from the macadam road from Vabriga-Abrega after about 1.5 km on to a trail over the hill Larun (Loron) along the olive grove then through the field leads to the coast and connects to a cycling trail towards Červar-Porat. Here turn right and again alongside the ancient ruins around the bay returning to the bus station.

The trail length: from 9.500 - 11.200 meters
Walking time: from 3 hours to 4 hours and 30 minutes

Notes: Arriving  to the village Vabriga-Abrega it is possible to continue by asphalt to its center and look at the church of St. Antun (dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary) from 16th/17th century. Returning to the walking trail is possible by another trail through the village right downhill.

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