Hiking trail: From Ulika to olive oil

Start is at the central reception of the Lanterna tourist village by pavement on to the cemented road eastwards towards Tar-Torre, pass the horse training grounds and stables to the intersection of the Solaris naturist camp where you turn right and after 100 m cross the street on the left (horseshoe tracks are visible even on the asphalt) then continue along the evergreen woods about 150 m to the huge olive oil plantation.

There you turn right and continue along the edge of the olive-grove and the fence of the auto-camp around 500 m where a land trail road turns left into the olive grove through the plantation reaching the intersection and continue right along the edge of the olive grove almost to where it ends on the ridge of the hill.

100 m before the end of the olive grove, along a vineyard, the main land trail turns left through the field to the first house on to a gravel road on the left where manhole lids are visible at intervals leading to the asphalted road Santa Marina-Vabriga. It continues to the left uphill through the village and pass a small church of St. Antun then further right uphill (pavement) to the intersection of the regional road Novigrad-Poreč.

On the 'upper' side of the intersection there is a pedestrian crossing and continues on to a pavement which goes through the town Tar, at first through Istrian street to the center, pass the Tourist information center on the right on S. Martin Street behind the church on Borgo street where in the olive oil refinery olives from the surrounding plantations are refined into high quality extra virgin Tar-Torre olive oil.

Continuing left again on to Istarska ulica street to the church of St. Martin (the town's patron) with a beautiful bell tower next to it. Coming back through Istarska street to the restaurant Turris and right on the pavement to the intersection of Novigrad-Poreč regional road crossing the intersection (caution the pedestrian crossing isn't marked) pass the interesting sculptures and then the straight cemented road leads back to the starting point in Lanterna.

The trail length: 9.400 meters
Walking time: from 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours and 30 minutes

Notes: The return from Vabriga-Abrega and Tar-Torre can be planned at night as well because the whole length of the section by the roads is lit. The return from Tar-Torre to Lanterna is also possible by bus. The trail is suitable for biking excursions and the first part of the trail is suitable for horse-riding as well (renting of horses at the beginning of the trail).
During the longer rainy season parts of the trail through the olive grove are pretty muddy.

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