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Walk and Hike to the Best Selfie Spot

Istria offers paths for walks, Nordic walking, trekking and hiking in intact nature. Record the moments of active vacation in stunning landscape with your mobile.

A slow walk elevates your mood and boosts circulation. Dynamic Nordic walking with poles maintains a slim figure. Conquering a new summit is an enduring inspiration for hikers, regardless of the effort. Trekking is running on wild trails of hills and mountains and requires top physical condition.  

In Istria, there are mapped and maintained trails for all these activities, which meander through the preserved landscape enriched with ancient cultural heritage. Whatever trail you take, you will reach some amazing spot where you simply have to take a photo, even if you are dead tired.

trails buzetFind a selfie spot  
Walk to the abandoned part of the coast and take a selfie with islets in the background. On a dreamy morning, climb one of the Istrian hills and take a selfie with a bluish fog in the background.

Walk along the valley of the Mirna River and take a selfie with Motovun somewhere in the upper corner of the photo. Conquer the Učka’s summit, and embellish your selfie with a magnificent scenic view in the background.

You can take walks in summer, and especially in spring and autumn, even in winter due to the mild Mediterranean climate that prevails in Istria. Do not forget to charge your mobile before leaving, as you will definitely take hundreds of photos.

How to find your ideal trail?  
Are you in the mood for a slow walk? Do you want to try Nordic walking for the first time? Are you in top physical condition and love trekking or orientation runs? Are you interested only in conquering new summits?

trails učka
Whatever activity you choose, there is an ideal trail for you in Istria. Find it on the webpage Istria Trails!  

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