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Medulin’s Windmill

The windmill, built 140 years ago is a symbol of Medulin and the keeper of its port. Today it wears a new “dress” and grinds grain as it used to in ancient times, but with a little help from the electric motor on those days when the wind is not able to do so.

The story of this malin (mill) began back in 1872 with the arrival of the Pošić brothers from Rovinj to Medulin, where they decided to build two windmills along the coast. Medulin’s mills were the only ones of their type in the Mediterranean, so people came from all over, both by sea and land. And so the lines of those waiting patiently to grind the grain that they had nurturingly cultivated soon formed in  Medulin.

The windmill built of stone has a circular ground plan, and was originally, just as it is today, covered with a shallow tapered roof. It had eight sails that could be enlarged and reduced depending on the wind’s force.

Today’s Medulin mill is a faithful copy of the previous one - the windmill with its torač (a room for grinding), the wooden elements of the mill, a rotating roof and eight-pointed propellers. Inside, you will also find a variety of items for flour processing, as well as a number of antiques, which were left forgotten in the attics for years, and which are now shining the old shine in the rebuilt windmill.

Working hours:
01.07. - 31.08.2020: 20:00 - 22:00
01.09. - 31.12.2020: closed

Price: free entrance

Malin in Medulin
Riva, Medulin
TZ Medulin
Brajdine 41, HR 52203 Medulin
T: +385 (0)52 577145
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Medulin’s Windmill
Medulin’s Windmill
Medulin’s Windmill
Medulin’s Windmill
Medulin’s Windmill