Wine roads of Istria

Criteria for evaluating wine producers

Focused on promoting wine culture, raising quality standards and creativity as well as a better experience exchange, each wine cellar has been evaluated not only from the point of view of its wine production but also according to the following criteria:

Brand strength: presence at important international competitions, awards won, Media appreciation on the domestic and international scene, respect among customers and opinion leaders

Product strength: sufficient quantities with a quality product, product diversification (cultivar, monocultivar), focus on eco-product

Visibility: presence in web stores, label design, bottle design, packaging design, design in additional services and products

Communication and new technologies: quality signage for access to the itinerary, own website in several foreign languages, presence on social networks on different platforms, own promotional material, press kit, own multimedia content (photos and videos), quality description of the property and each product with organoleptic description, knowledge of foreign languages

Functionality and aesthetics of the wine itinerary: architecturally designed complex of buildings and the wine cellar (especially exterior and interior): wine cellar, tasting room, point of sale, outdoor areas / terraces with all access roads, access roads (especially for guests and especially for the production process), landscaped environment, green areas and a sufficient number of secured parking spaces, sanitary facilities for guests only (separate male/female)

Reception of guests: a guided visit to the wine itinerary, guided tasting offer with prior notice

Additional services and products: the possibility of preparing food / cooking show / VIP reception; it is desirable that the wine itinerary has an enogastronomical offer and professional staff for the provision of these activities as well as accommodation units, if necessary; the possibility of organizing special events such as gourmet, weddings, car shows and the like in the form of space, infrastructure, quality and equipment as well as organizational and communication knowledge;

As attested by the total points received, wineries are awarded the following designations:

4 stars indicate the winery’s premium quality
3 stars are a sign of exceptional quality
2 stars are an indicator of excellent quality
1 star symbolizes a winery of very good quality

Set off and discover the Wine roads of Istria and their many wine cellars where an unforgettable experience awaits you. And on your way back through the vineyards, intoxicated by the wine and the beauty of nature, don’t forget to thank Dionysius for favouring the magical Istrian peninsula.

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