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Misal - Peršurić


"Ðordano Peršurić is a non-typical Istrian winemaker, primarily because he has been producing sparkling wines only. Even more unusual is the fact that he has managed to rise to the top of the national wine industry in the field of these very demanding and sensitive wines, almost entirely dominated by the producers from the northern part of Croatia. Peršurić' s prize-winning sparkling wines have been made following the traditional system of aging in bottles applied to the well-known champagnes originating from the French province of Champagne. For the most part, he has been adoperating local grape sorts like Malvasia and Teran, as well as more traditional ones, such as Chardonnay and red Pinot. Even though in our country, owing to a rather small quantity of wine produced in comparison to the world standards, sparkling wines are not yet made from the old and aged wine, Peršurić's "Misal" is a proof that with sufficient skill and serious work, high quality, delicate and agreeable sparkling wines may be obtained from the relatively new wine."


  • Misal Blanc de blancs extra brut
  • Misal Prestige extra brut
  • Misal Millennium brut
  • Misal Istra brut
  • Misal Noir brut
  • Misal Rose sec
  • Misal Rouge demi sec
  • Muškat Peršurić 2008 desertno vino
  • Malvazija istarska 2006 arhivsko vino

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