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Road traffic

Road traffic

If you are arriving in Istria from the western direction, Slovenia, you will cross the border on one of the three road border crossings: Plovanija-Sečovlje, Kaštel-Dragonja or Požane-Sočerga. From January 1, 2023, travel within the Schengen member states is carried out without border control.

For your pleasant journey through Istria, you have at your disposition the Istrian motorway (at some parts semi-motorway), known under name Istrian Y which leads you to the southest parts of the peninsula and also to the places situated in central Istria.

Arriving to 'Istrian Y' from the eastern direction, using the Croatian highways from Zagreb or Split to Rijeka, after crossing the Učka tunnel, you will quickly reach your final destination.

The motorway also connects Pula-Pola and Slovenian border at the section long about 80 kilometers.

The same regulations as elsewhere in Europe are valid on the roads in Istria. Speed limitations are marked on individual roads. Permitted speed in towns is 50 km/h, out of towns 80 km/h, on highways 130 km/h and on the Istrian Y motorway 110 km/h.
Allowed quantity of alcohol in the blood is 0,5 per mille.

Gas stations work according to the established schedule and some of them, mainly on major roads, are open 24 hours a day.

In case of car defect or accident, call HAK (Croatian Automobile Club) dispatcher centre tel. 1987 (round the clock). Services are paid in cash or credit cards. HAK is a member of AIT and FIA.

Road assistance
- from Croatia: (+385 1) 1987
- from abroad: +385 1 4693 700
- e-mail: (Roadside assistance)

Traffic information and road conditions in Croatia
Daily news from HAK - Hrvatski Autoklub:
- from Croatia: 072 777 777
- from abroad: +385 1 464 0800
- e-mail: (Traffic information)

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