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Share Istria 2019: top world influencers visiting Istria again

The fifth edition of the regional influencer campaign Share Istria 2019 has just begun. 16 top world influencers will be visiting Istria until June 15th.

Share Istria Porec

After 4 successful editions of the destination marketing campaign Share Istria, ITB has launched its 5th edition which will last until June 15th. The new edition is bringing top new world-renowned influencers, 16 of them, who will get to know the Istrian peninsula through many exciting experiences.
The campaign was launched with the aim to promote Istria worldwide through the most wanted tourist ambassadors of today. Istria will in this period be in the focus and on the radar of the most important world media, the most popular influencers and important news on many digital channels.

This year, the number of weeks was reduced because it is difficult to follow groups of different people with different interests the entire day. “Stronger players” with more than a million followers were recruited meaning that this year’s 16 influencers have 29 million followers in total.

Last year’s results clearly show that Share Istria is the most important destination campaign in Istria. In 50 days, 26 influencers produced a reach of 389 million people and interacted with almost 4 million people.

This year’s edition’s main partners are Turkish Airlines and Porsche Istria, while more than 200 other subjects have been involved (hotel companies, small and family run hotels, travel, tourist and DMC agencies, caterers, wine makers, olive oil producers, truffle producers, prosciutto producers etc, as well as museums and cultural institutions). Every one of them has its role in this important campaign.

The project’s realization, when influencers come to Istria, is the easiest part, although none of the segments is easy or simple or predictable. Almost half of ITB’s team has for the past 5 months, in different ways, been working on the program’s creation; the most important part being headhunting for the best influencers.

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