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Great success of Istrian olive oil makers in New York!

Istrian olive oil, and Croatian in general, has received yet another recognition for its high quality standard at the International NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition at which Vergal olive oil has been awarded with a gold medal and Al Torcio with two gold and one silver medal. The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest which every year in springtime publishes the list of the world's best olive oil.

This year, Croatia has achieved its best results since entering the olive oil contests: 1 Best in class, 32 Gold and 18 silver medals of the 61 olive oils.

Find out more information about te great success of the Istrian olive oil on the link where you can read more about the Al Torcio from Novigrad who were also first-time participants at NYIOOC.