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Istria in the prestigious Upside East in Munich

12 Istrian giants presented their brands at a big presentation for the local elite in the prestigious Upside East in Munich.

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A big presentation of Istrian tourism was held in Munich in the prestigious Upside East building in the town centre. The Istrian Tourism Board, along with its partner agency Charter&Share from Munich, held a presentation together with 12 Istrian partners: large hotel companies’ representatives (Plava Laguna, Aminess, Valamar, Maistra and Arena hospitality group), boutique hotels (Meneghetti, Roxanich and Adriatic Kempinski), vineries (Kozlović, Coronica and Roxanich) and olive oil producers (Chiavalon and Ipša).

The event was organized with the support of Christian Timmer, a renowned German celebrity&event manager, who made it possible for the event to take place in this famous location with the presence of targeted audience in order to restructure and reposition Istria’s image. The entire Munich’s business elite was in the audience – decision makers from banking, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors as well as big corporations like BMW, Siemens, Phillip Morris, a great number of MICE agencies and media representatives. An additional important promotional effect was the performance of the FC Bayern Muenchen’s board member and marketing manager, Andreas Jung, who supported the entire event and invited everyone to visit Istria while expressing his fondness of the region.

The ITB thinks Istria is not recognized well enough in Bavaria, i.e. Munich, especially by middle and higher classes who usually travel to Marbella, Monte Carlo, Sardinia and similar destinations. That is why one of the most important tasks ITB had given itself is to do what it has done in Austria and Slovenia – to become the favourite destination of higher spending tourists.

At the end, Istria was represented by what it does best – Deniz Zembo, chef, presented a wide spectre of typical Istrian products in a new perspective combining modern and traditional. The event was followed and attended by Istrian wine and olive oil producers. A lottery was held with 7 prize stays in Istria.

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