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Barron's Penta: Epicurean adventures

In the latest issue of the renowned magazine, Barron’s Penta readers were offered a variety of gastronomic experiences, including one from Istria in the text entitled Interactive Epicurean Adventures Are on the Rise.

These are extraordinary Istrian estates that deal with truffles: Karlić Tartufi - Pietro & Pietro - Prodan Tartufi.

In particular, the author of the text Eric Grossman, offered eight very different, but truly impressive experiences from around the world for all those looking for unique, interactive experiences in which they can "roll up their sleeves" and then enjoy the fruits of their labour.

For travel enthusiasts in search of fine snacks, Grossman suggests various innovative activities that would be worth adding to any bucket list - from Japan, Thailand and New Zealand to Hawaii, the American state of Maine, Canada, the Maldives and Croatia, that is Istria!

Penta Magazine offers advice on lifestyle, exceptional travel, art and collectibles, private jets and luxury cars, jewellery, watches and high-end real estate, and is published quarterly as a luxury supplement in Barron, an American weekly, published by Dow Jones & Co.

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