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Blue Parks Award for Brijuni

The Marine Conservation Institute has honored Brijuni National Park with a gold level Blue Park Award for achieving the highest science-based standards for marine life protection and management. In this way, Brijuni Islands joined a growing network of 21 Blue Parks around the world designed to protect and regenerate the ocean’s biodiversity.

Brijuni Blue ParksThe Blue Park initiative was established by the Marine Conservation Institute to encourage governments to safeguard marine wildlife, secure critical habitats, promote resistance to climate change, and ensure the beauty of our oceans for future generations. The effort aims to assemble an effective network that protects and sustains marine life and habitats globally.  

Long-recognized as a special place for biodiversity conservation, the National Park Brijuni is also protecting significant seagrass ecosystems, including one of the largest meadows of Neptune grass, an endemic species, on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula.  

The seagrass meadows support high levels of marine life diversity by providing feeding, refuge, and nursery habitats for many species of fish and invertebrates. IUCN Red-listed migratory species, including loggerhead turtles and bottlenose dolphin, and many birds frequent the area and use its abundant resources. Seagrass meadows can buffer ocean acidification and sequester large amounts of carbon, thus contributing to climate resilience.

How to visit the Brijuni Islands:

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