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Croatia among 20 most desirable countries in 2021

Croatia is ranked among the 20 most desirable destinations in 2021, according to the survey conducted by The US Virtuoso association of travel agencies that organise luxury travel.

Visitors using the Virtuoso Wanderlist, a new platform for online trip planning, have created a wish list of counties they would like to travel to next year and based on their final choice, Croatia is among the top 20 destinations in the world – in the period from April to the end of July.

Among the top 20 destinations are also South Africa, Italy, Australia, France, Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Argentina, Kenya, Botswana, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland, Tanzania, Thailand and California.

The media in the US are constantly reporting about Croatia's beauty, including Lonely Planet which recently reported about the ten most beautiful beaches in Croatia - Zlatni Rat, Prapratno, Paradise Beach, Stiniva, Zrce, Dubovica, Cape Kamenjak, Sahara, Punta Rata and Lubenice.