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Istra Ecoxperience: all things eco-friendly from Istria

Nature, culture, tradition and people are an important aspect of green tourism, and the Istra Ecoxperience booklet has brought together the certified eco-friendly content and offerings of Istria - from protected areas, eco museums and thematic parks, to accommodation, green beaches and events that nurture this philosophy.

Created with the aim of preserving Istria’s natural and cultural resources, by raising awareness of the need to protect nature, improve the life of local communities, but also encouraging new business opportunities by respecting the principles of sustainable development, the brochure offers an insight into a number of eco-friendly content ideas: ecological manufacturers and their extra virgin olives oils, wines, beers, fruit and vegetables, lavender, flour and cereal products, honey and other bee products. It also presents accommodation carrying one of the eco labels, e-vehicle and e-bike charging stations, as well as eco-friendly activities and events.

The brochure was created by the Region of Istria’s Administrative Department of Tourism, and is based on the Region of Istria’s Green Plan document in accordance with the principles of sustainable development that Istria promotes.

It is an interesting edition that can be skimmed through in either the Croatian-Italian or English-German version. We wish you a good read!

»» Hrvatski/Italiano [pdf]
»» English/Deutsch [pdf]

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