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Istralandia Among the Best

Istrian water park on the European and world's list

Aquapark Istralandia, located between Novigrad and Brtonigla, was voted by the travellers of the famous Tripadvisor, the most popular water park in Croatia.

Travellers' Choice Awards for 2020 dedicated to the category of water parks confirmed Istralandia, among more than 300 parks, the third-best water park in Europe, and the fifth-best in the world.
Travellers’ ratings were processed based on the Tripadvisor algorithm that compares different parameters, including the ranking, quantity, and quality of reviews published by the International user community.

All lovers of entertainment, sports, and leisure and seekers of water pleasure will surely confirm the given ratings if they decide to visit Istralandia - "the most entertaining water in Istria".