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Istria in an episode of the Sagenhaft TV series

This summer, the Austrian A.R.T. Redaktionsteam PR agency in collaboration with the Istria Tourist Board organised a shooting across the peninsula with the German television company, ARD.

One of Germany’s most successful travel TV formats, the brilliant documentary series Sagenhaft, has been produced on behalf of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunka (MDR) since 2013 and airs on Sundays in evening prime time. This already legendary TV format creates its content according to a concept in which it combines the stunning landscapes of a country with the stories of its inhabitants. Exploring Germany, Austria, Italy and other parts of Europe, the Sagenhaft series with its host, Axel Bulthaupt, reveals interesting regions and attractive places beyond well-known routes.

The beautiful scenography of the Istrian landscapes in the new episode is framed by fantastic panoramic aerial scenes shot by helicopter or drone, but also those from and under the ground as well as under the sea, which from different perspectives offer a completely different view of our peninsula.

The episode's premiere will be on Sunday, October 24 at 8:15 p.m., on MDR.

The full 90-minute film was published in ARD's video store and can be viewed on the following link:

The announcement of the video states that Istria often looks like a movie set: picturesque towns alternating with hidden coves and rolling hills, but no less interesting are the people who live on this largest Adriatic peninsula...


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