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Istria on six covers simultaneously

Istarski medijski hat-trick na njemačkom tržištu 

We also received very interesting news from Austria telling us that at kiosks all over the country, Istria appeared on the covers of as many as six magazines at the same time!

Prestigious tourist and lifestyle magazines ADAC Reisemagazin, Alpe Adria Magazine, DUMONT, DER FEINSCHMECKER, MERIAN presented Istria to their readers in the pre-season as a nearby and attractive destination!

This "fantastic five" was further rounded off by Saturday's edition of the influential KURIER Freizeit, in which the popular weekly feature dedicated a cover and a full eight page report to Istria.

"We can genuinely call this effect an Istrian hat-trick! Simply speaking, there was a moment when everything just coincided", said the director of the region's tourist board, Denis Ivošević with a unique photograph of Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber with six covers, taken at a newsstand in Vienna on Saturday, June 19th.