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Istria: Special Lonely Planet Award

Best in Travel 2021
Readers' Choice Award for Community

Lonely Planet, a globally popular travel guide, has revealed our peninsula to its many readers in a special 2011 edition, Best in Travel. In this edition of the guide, which is published at the end of the year and contains suggestions on where to travel next year, Istria has a fantastic second place in the category of the Ten most interesting regions in the world, besides to the far more famous Scottish Shetland Islands, the American West Coast and the Australian Great Barrier Reef.

The prestigious awards that Lonely Planet has been awarding to destinations around the world for many years are the result of an editorial selection created and based on the suggestions of numerous eminent authors of this prestigious world guide.

The Readers' Choice Award for Community is based exclusively on the votes of readers on the Lonely Planet website. In addition, the awards chosen by the editors for 2021 were awarded in as many as 30 categories, while according to the choice of the audience, only three were announced - in addition to Istria, among the best are Toronto and Wakayama.

          » Best in Travel 2021:
           Istria - The Winner of the Readers' Choice Award for Community

At the end of last year, the editors sent an invitation to their audience, the Lonely Planet community, to nominate destinations that they believe successfully use tourism as a driving force in the field of sustainability, community and diversity. In a year marked by a pandemic, which radically affected the travel domain, and tourism experienced its biggest decline, the Lonely Planet Awards also underwent a significant transformation. And while Best in Travel usually celebrates countries, regions and cities, some new awards have shone in this year’s edition. 

The Canadian Toronto became the holder of the title as a destination of diversity, the Japanese Wakayama of Sustainability and Istria as a destination of the community.

"People who live here are honest and hospitable", "Istria offers authentic and unforgettable experiences ... each of which returns to local communities," the readers said in their recommendations, pointing to numerous experiences especially in the field of active tourism and gourmet offerings.

In a series of attractive titles that followed over the years, Istria was crowned with the title of the Ten Best European Destinations in 2019, and in 2021 we are surprised by a new extraordinary award- the Best in Travel award according to the votes of readers!

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